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That Love!

She was there. Yes; he wasn't dreaming even though he didn't remember anything except her. She was there just to meet him. The sparkle in her charcoal black eyes itself told how much she was eager to meet him. The load of emotions and words which he was carrying from quite a while for her suddenly disappeared some where around with the first glimpse of her. Settling down huge turmoil of words as he moved forward, still not decided what to say first, he some how managed to utter just a simple "Hi!".

He heard something but it wasn't her voice.

It was just plain simple commotion of people moving around. Decomposing back to consciousness he notices that he had been in some wonderland. There was no her. It was all just a dream, a mere fantasy that he always wanted to have happen with him.

Standing there at the nick of the street, he remembers how he always preferred her over every possible thing in his life. He rose everyday to make one more day count in her love. Her vo…