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All About Our Life!

Life is certainly the most unpredictable, unfathomable and awfully unusual web of events occuring with us. Life has its own nature. It always happens. Whatever we imagine we never get, whatever we get we never have wished, whatever we wished we never received and whatever we received we never accepted and loved. We live in dilemma of bad past and unknown future. We always remembered whatever things and people we lost but we never ever appreciated beautiful things and important persons we have.
Why life is so different, so challenging?
Is it really most confusing thing or we are the one hugely confused?
We all think to have a life according to us but at most occasions it goes on itself, bringing in surprising people and events that we never ever had imagined of. At that point of life we shouldn't be stubborn, sometimes we should compromise with situations and people, as each and everything happening to us, is for our good only. There are generally two ways of living …

An Old Book and The Feelings

In a dark corner of the shelf, I was lying since the time immemorial. Now I was An Old Book for her. I remember when she bought me I was quite appealing with a brand new cover, attractive bold titles and meaningful insights with some awesome reviews. She was very happy while holding me in her hand and felt proud. She was extremely curious to know everything about me. She thought I had all she wished for and was totally flaunted with the beautiful sensitive story I stored in, and with the life I contained in me. No sooner I became her first priority to everything. She would accompany me in her thoughts everywhere until she was able to know me all. The day she got to know whatever I contained, I became a thicker lifeless book for her. She soon lost interest in me. I was not that exciting and interesting now as she knew every bit of me. Finally she bought a new book. Yet, she often sometimes go through my pages when bored but now I was apathetic to her with nothing new to say and so the…