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Who cares!

Who Cares If I am sad
Who Cares how I feel
Who Cares If I am alone
Who Cares For the evil I deal
Who Cares!
Who Cares what I alike
Who Cares what I need
Who Cares what I wish
Who Cares To listen my plea
Who Cares!
Who Cares to ask my well being
Who Cares for my innocent heart
Who Cares to hear my silence
Who Cares if I did not start
Who Cares!
Who Cares If I miss my self
Who Cares if I shed tear
Who Cares If I fake smile
Who Cares of dead life I bear
Who Cares!
Who Cares If my eyes go moist
Who Cares I miss my smile
Who Cares for my somewhere lost mind
Who Cares If I want to be happy for a while
Who Cares!
Who Cares of my unusual behavior
Who Cares If something I want to tell
Who Cares to understand me
Who Cares how bad I felt
Who Cares!
Who Cares If I got hurt
Who Cares of nightmare I see
Who Cares If I dread dreams
Who Cares to accept my plea
Who Cares!
Who Cares of my existence
Who Cares if I was not born
Who Cares for this lone soul
Who Cares for this Lovelorn
Who Cares!
Who Car…