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A Devil Unbeaten!

The Devil, a supernatural entity that is the personification of evil. This is as per Wikipedia and according to mainstream beliefs. 
But Modern definition of a Devil is more humane. And is more bewildering.
The Devil, might be pounding off regularly all around under some respectable mask, having some authoritative title, waiting for a prey, might be eyeing on anybody of us. More often the dull innocent decent soul falls for these masked devils and gets themselves lost in a guilt of an undone mistake.

Society is completely bowed down before this Unbeaten devil. This devil resides in corrupt bodies with sinful thoughts and with an aspiration of exploiting human bodies.

Sexual harassment, is on an exponential increase with the exposure of people, especially fairer sex, to the modern world. It is literally impossible to judge about the intentions of the person in this so called civilized world. A respectable person, sweet as sugar, turns out to be the reason for worst nightmare to an ill …

Re-Discovering Happiness!

Are you happy with your present life in the modern world?
if yes..
then give it a second thought.

We all of us have had a moment of stillness in our lives. Sitting in the balcony or on the side space of window and feeling soft breeze on our skin with a mug of coffee and a biscuit, and nothing to worry about. All task done, room cleaned, cooked food, completed assignments etc etc etc. Completely no tension. Certainly life can not be better than this.

But thereafter also, with the first sip of the coffee, we feel something is missing, something is not going the way it should go in our lives. We have the every possible reason to be happy; a good life, a job, a good college and a happy family, still we feel there is some void in our mind waiting to be filled but we are unable to configure what is lacking in our happy relaxed life.
We are living in the so called 21st century, the modern era, the age of science. In-spite of all the modern gadgets, machines and resources why are we still un…