A Devil Unbeaten!

The Devil, a supernatural entity that is the personification of evil. This is as per Wikipedia and according to mainstream beliefs. 
But Modern definition of a Devil is more humane. And is more bewildering.
The Devil, might be pounding off regularly all around under some respectable mask, having some authoritative title, waiting for a prey, might be eyeing on anybody of us. More often the dull innocent decent soul falls for these masked devils and gets themselves lost in a guilt of an undone mistake.

Society is completely bowed down before this Unbeaten devil. This devil resides in corrupt bodies with sinful thoughts and with an aspiration of exploiting human bodies.

Sexual harassment, is on an exponential increase with the exposure of people, especially fairer sex, to the modern world. It is literally impossible to judge about the intentions of the person in this so called civilized world. A respectable person, sweet as sugar, turns out to be the reason for worst nightmare to an ill fated life. These dark devils not only affect the physical well being of a person but also dissolve the psychological tranquility of that person. These canny evil minds, very smoothly take control over the emotions of their prey and ruin the serenity by taking unusual sexual advances . The confine of the surrounding doesn't affects them. It really doesn't matter whether it be a school premises, college encirclement, workplace or even at home. Sometimes even the relations doesn't matters them when it comes to satisfy themselves physical urge of touch or feel.

No one except the girl can judge, what kind of touch 'that' was. Only the victim can tell about the righteousness of the attitude, the other person is having towards him/her. These flesh hungry devils, feed on chasteness and decency of the prey. The less the person responds to the abusive advancement, the more they motivates the culprit to harass.

Speaking up is a basic thing to do to deal with such advances. A person should be bold enough to stands for her/his self respect and self esteem. A person should be very much responsive against any Unfair Unwanted Unacceptable Unlawful Sexual harassment occurring against her/him. Silence, may be a good way to avoid certain problem, but to erode this inhuman act one needs to speak up and stand out for her/himself. We should know that we are the only one responsible for things happening to us so, we should stand for ourselves and fight for our self respect.  

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