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Her First Flight

Yes I knew that's not gonna happen yet I was standing there in the oblivion, waiting for her. Deep in my heart I can never believe that we weren't meant to be together still I was expecting her to come back. My childish moist eyes were not accepting the obvious fact. Even though it just had been just a couple of week but it appeared as if I have been with her for ages. From nowhere she came, ignited my child consciousness and left me burning in agony.

On a very bright day, some eight summers back, I remember I came across a sweet little nest of some bird on my terrace. The curious me, in no moment noticed the purple egg in that golden color nest properly hidden behind a wedge. I used to observe the mother bird taking care of her egg. Few days later when I went back to the nest there was no egg, instead there was sweet bluish green baby bird. That little bird, was such an awful thing to me. It was really an adventurous feeling to see such a little life, for a twelve year old k…