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A Crush

We often imagine perfect scenario. Let it be life or love. And anyone in his/her sublime adulthood is more influenced by the latter one. As a human its natural to feel inclination towards someone and hope to get reciprocated. Its something too natural to go through this phase at least once in our life. 
*BANG!!* A sudden loud thud on the door, brought me back from my fantasy to reality, sitting between sixty other students.
"May I come in?" A lean, moderately muscular boy came in, without waiting for any approval. Around 5'7, black messy hair, charcoal black eyes and a careless attitude. He simply went off to sit on a vacant seat in the third row and second column. All eyes followed him to his seat and then refocused on lecturer, except mine. 
It was Monday morning, a new session after the winter break and I was least interested in the middle aged guy teaching me something that I never wanted to study. As the lectured progressed, my attention refocused on that latest entrant …