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A roadside couple!

"We are happy and present for each other every time- what else do we need?", with a skimpy cough, said the old shoemaker sitting at the entrance of his clapped out hut, as the smoke rose from the back side of his little empire, on the very nick of the road, where his wife has been cooking for the two. As he sewed my shoe's tore mid-sole, I kept wondering what those resolutely noxious eyes have seen in their entire journey of life- to be so peaceful and turbulent at the same time, even when devoid of all worldly matters.
Two years back, I remember, Everyday I used to cross that super busy road; right next to a nearly shattered hut- to reach my coaching classes. While travelling back to my dorm, I used to peep in to that little place only to find an old man and a women; who use to talk in quite a chivalrous mood. But whenever the lady left for some work, a grave fear used to coat old man's smile. I wanted to know the reason but how, I being an outsider -could invade t…