A roadside couple!

"We are happy and present for each other every time- what else do we need?", with a skimpy cough, said the old shoemaker sitting at the entrance of his clapped out hut, as the smoke rose from the back side of his little empire, on the very nick of the road, where his wife has been cooking for the two. As he sewed my shoe's tore mid-sole, I kept wondering what those resolutely noxious eyes have seen in their entire journey of life- to be so peaceful and turbulent at the same time, even when devoid of all worldly matters.
A roadside couple!
Two years back, I remember, Everyday I used to cross that super busy road; right next to a nearly shattered hut- to reach my coaching classes. While travelling back to my dorm, I used to peep in to that little place only to find an old man and a women; who use to talk in quite a chivalrous mood. But whenever the lady left for some work, a grave fear used to coat old man's smile. I wanted to know the reason but how, I being an outsider -could invade their personal life. Still, I never lost my hope and used to peep in to there happy world- just out of curiosity.
No sooner, it was time for me to leave that place to move to college at a new place. But down in my heart I had few unanswered question, which today would have withered me from inside if I had not asked then.
A day before leaving the city, I purposefully- tore the mid-sole of my shoes with a pair of scissor. Then at an appropriate time post evening, I went to his shop cum house. He was about to close but I intervened and told the urgency as I was leaving the next day but had no other pair of shoes. While keenly observing at the tore mark, he instantly asked if Somebody has intentionally did it. I told him about an imaginary notorious lad of my landlady.
As he began his work, I just couldn't stop myself and asked, "Do only two of you stay here?"
In reply he just nodded his head, while his fingers worked on my shoes.
I mustered a little more courage and asked ,"Do you have any children?" 
To this; he gave a grave look and said ,"We had!".
Like a bolt from the sky, those two words, "We had!"-made me skip a heart beat. I felt shameful and was unable to meet his charcoal dark eyes. He, noticing me uncomfortable, said," It was quite a long time back." as he continued he said," We had a loving daughter. She was a very bright child. But due to brain fever she couldn't survive long. We didn't had enough money. Still we tried. But I think God loved her more. Now she is not with us, only I and my wife are to support each other, take care of each other and nobody else. I try not let my wife feel her absence but deep in my heart even I miss her so badly but can't express. After our daughter's death, my wife was emotionally wreaked and had no reason to live. But to me; being her husband how could I see her in pain. Since then I have supported her and we lived for each other."

Everyone of us has his own life, his own struggle story. You can not predict from one's expressions-what he has seen all through his life. To every single person life is a series of unpredictable inevitable events. Its an indefinite fight against all odds. Life takes turn. But also give us reason to breathe and fight till the very end. Its us, who has to decide whether to live your life or merely survive. But anyhow you have to smile, rise and move forward to certain end.

I had no words to comfort him from his heartfelt grief. I just gave him an understanding look, paid and returned back.

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