One day you will miss me
Like I missed you forever..
I am just sick 
If not you
Death should meet me rather..
In this world of agony and pain
where tears shed like rain
I remember, we had spent
few lovely moments together
which now can not be cherished
with one another..
One day you will miss me 
Like I missed you forever!

In this world of multiple faces
I too learnt something bad
Its only "pretend" to be HAPPY when you are sad..
Though I regret
For what I had done
but doesn't mean
Only I caused initiation..
I had a problem untold
that I can't keep my feelings hold
and this was the devilish work
which brought my life to dirge..
let, bygones be bygones
still, there's a flame burning 
and will be enlightened
till the sun of my life sets ever..
I bet,
One day you will miss me 
like I missed you forever!

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