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My Last letter : A story of a girl

Today, fifteen years later , I am writing this letter to you , with a bottle of pesticide kept right in front of my eyes. My husband is a pesticide engineer . I had never thought that this pesticide would ever be used to serve this purpose but its the need of the time .

Like most of the girls in our civilized Indian society I too , was warned to be careful about the immoral behavior of our metropolitan cities , when I moved out of my parents care to complete my graduation . As I belonged to a very conservative family , so from very small age I was told not to talk with unknown people . Anyways , in the new city the college was good and I made friends with a number of girls. Even they too , warned me to play safe on that new stage of life and specifically to boys .
One bright day , while parking my scooty at the college gate , the handle just slipped off my soft palms , but never the soon a pair of strong hand helped me out. As I was a bit aware of boys in the college , I said thanks …

The Proposal: Discovering Love!

I was an all time single guy before felling in love with her. Social networking, is really acting like a linking path between two unknown people, who might have never been able to meet if these social sites never existed. Like every usual day, there was nothing exciting going on my life. I loved my life the way it was. It had been a long time when my heart was betrayed and I was left with a void, deep in my heart. Since then, I used to avoid any further involvement of my heart in any matter. I allowed my brain to work upon it logically rather than getting emotional because of my heart. That was the secret of my new found world.. only my world!
No sooner, I became strong enough to tackle any problem logically than dealing with it emotionally.
Enjoying years in a faithful company of myself, I understood the difference between what I was and what I am.
Every single part inside me was healing but still the void, created years back remained intact.
It was not before, by luck or chance or …

Unconcerned Middle-class !!

"Could you please provide us with some space to sit ?"
"Sorry old man! I am, myself not able to properly sit on this seat."- replied a man , who was comfortably sitting on the corner seat.  The old man's sunken eyes were unable to find any place to sit. Finally , he decided to sit on the floor with his son. I don't know why , but his cracked  wavery voice caught my attention. While the old man was adjusting his little luggage , his son was just staring at him as if he wasn't knowing what his father was doing . Suddenly , from no where a women entered the train compartment and began investigating if the old man and his son were settled or not. I was a bit amazed while she was talking to his son , who was in his mid twenties, in some kind of sign language and with mixture of some words. Later , I configured out that the boy was intellectually disabled i.e.mentally retarded. I felt quite sympathetic for the boy and of course for the old man. Nevertheless …