My Last letter : A story of a girl

Today, fifteen years later , I am writing this letter to you , with a bottle of pesticide kept right in front of my eyes. My husband is a pesticide engineer . I had never thought that this pesticide would ever be used to serve this purpose but its the need of the time .

Like most of the girls in our civilized Indian society I too , was warned to be careful about the immoral behavior of our metropolitan cities , when I moved out of my parents care to complete my graduation . As I belonged to a very conservative family , so from very small age I was told not to talk with unknown people . Anyways , in the new city the college was good and I made friends with a number of girls. Even they too , warned me to play safe on that new stage of life and specifically to boys .
One bright day , while parking my scooty at the college gate , the handle just slipped off my soft palms , but never the soon a pair of strong hand helped me out. As I was a bit aware of boys in the college , I said thanks and avoided any further conversation . Every thing on earth was going well before I lost my library card , just to be found by that guy and soon thereafter , we became good friends . In no time rumors spread about us but I ignored the illogical talks going around . One fine day , on his birthday he asked me to company him for dinner and later , we regularly met for coffee . Every thing was fine and I was careful as I was told by my parents . They warned me to be aware of unknown people but now he was not an unknown anymore , so I need not be that careful . Time went on its pace and we became best friends . Later in the final year , he became the leader of a student party of our college , so being a friend of such a guy made me feel even more proud . And after the elections he was chosen as the student president of the college . On that occasion he was gifted a new bike by his father and he asked me take a ride with him around the college . I told him for that he need to wait for me until the college gets empty , near the college gate. But I forgot even though the students were not there still the guards were on their duty as well , and there they saw me riding with him.That particular day , details of the episode of my pillion ride on my friends bike reached to my home before me . I just went pale seeing my parents furiously waiting for me . My father's anger made my love fade away in no time .

After that day I told him to avoid any possible way to contact with me . Later also , he tried many times but I ignored . He not been able to overcome this trauma , became an alcoholic . I was in touch with what was happening to him , but still I avoided him . And then , on the last day of college , through one of his friend he asked me to meet for the one last time to meet him . I went to the place where he called me .
I was in a shear stress and shock after seeing his condition . I totally blamed myself for whatever happened to him . Feeling pathetic for what I had done to him and being unable to control my tears , I just broke away into his arms in that lonely hall of the house . He supported me to let me not feel sorry for what I had done....

I had been married since 15 years . I am writing this letter to you , with a bottle of pesticide kept right in front of my eyes.
My husband is a pesticide engineer . He is a very caring and loving person. We have a thirteen year old son who too is as intelligent as his dad . He was challenged by his dad to secure first position in class to get a computer and that naughty son of mine overcame his dad's challenge to get the computer . I was not much aware of computer but my son tried to help me out in every possible way.
One day , suddenly my son came running furiously to take me to his computer . I had sensed what should have happened . With the bless of social networking media my fifteen year old pictures were being shared on the internet . The photos of my last meeting with him . The photos , which were taken as a memory of our love . Those photos which became an object of fun and amusement on internet . People on the internet , saw my skin but remain untouched with my moistened eyes . They enjoyed my cloth-less body with him but were unaware of mental pain . He , who took those picture to have some best memory of us , played havoc to my life , years after . Whole society stood against me but my husband always held my hand to support me in every possible way .

Now, I am writing this letter to you for the last time and it might be possible that you are reading any letter for the last time . As I have informed the cyber police and they will get hold on you very soon . Those people are one of the most toughest people to deal with . They are very brutal and torture like animals .
Till the time you are left with , don't put much stress on your little brain . You should now , try to protect the honor of your family . So , before police arrives at your place , drink the pesticide I am sending you with this last letter.
bye bye..!!
With love..

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