Wednesday, 16 December 2015

Why FREELANCING is important for students?

True are words of George Bernard Shaw, "Happy is the man who earns his living by his hobby", as he said in his book, 'The Pygmalion'. Ultimately pursuing something that makes a man happier is the best thing that could be done by him to himself.

Today's modern generation is full of potential to be discovered. They are striving hard for the accomplishment of their dreams and trying to convert those dreams into reality. They have the calibre and the enthusiasm, but are unable to do so. Ultimately money acts as a barrier between them and their passion. At the end of the day, they will be needed to earn money to sustain their family and follow a job that fulfils this need, doesn't matter it interests him or not.

Hefty college schedule bounds students from doing a regular job and earn a little money. But this doesn't solve their problem and in fact it motivates them to explore their self all over again. It forces them to find other means to take a step towards accomplishment of their dream.

Freelancing is one of those essential means by which students can take a leap towards their dream.

Freelancing provides students an alternative to enhance their complementary skills and at the same moment earn too. Skills are like diamonds; the more they are brushed the more they shine. So it is important to use these skills time and again.

Freelancing provides them the opportunity to be self-employed without any restriction. In this competitive world, it is a lot more difficult to find a suitable job to one's field of interest. Therefore getting self-employed through free lancing not only solves their problem but also gives them an opportunity to pursuit a career in a field they always wanted to be in.

It helps students to make the ends meet in the semester. Not everyone among them belongs to affordable strata of the society. There are people who are fighting night and day to make their child study. In that case Freelancing can act as a source of income, to share a part of the total expense and reduce a little load off their parent's shoulder. 

Students need not to be a committed partner to any employer. That's the beauty of freelancing. They need not to be fixated to anybody. It totally depends on them, with whom to work and for what time to work. They can drop-out whenever they feel so. In short they have the complete freedom to manage things according to them.

Overall It allows students to follow their passion in such competitive world without giving a single thought about livelihood. It makes them self-reliant, self-worthy and self-dependent. Freelancing should definitely an option for every student who is in chase for his passion and wish to stand up and stand out solely on their own.

Monday, 10 August 2015

A Forever Goodbye

As contrary to the popular belief, all unsaid goodbyes aren't heart wrenching. Some are quite thoughtful to kick-start a huge emotional turmoil deep inside you and spark a conversation with your inner being about unscathed feelings of anyone's exit from your encircle.

A husky breath gushed out of her mouth, and not a word when she was trying to say something to her husband , before laying lifeless on white cotton bed sheet in the Government hospital, after being hit by a fleeting bike, being rode by a teenager.

It was a bright Monday morning. The couple was on the way to their offices; unaware of what is going to strike them off their usual daily routine. She had decided to tell her husband that she was expecting a baby on their first marriage anniversary; a fortnight later and surprise him. But nobody can go against the will of time. She was imagining his vivid reaction on hearing this news when suddenly from nowhere a speeding bike hit their vehicle tossing her far away on the road. In splits of seconds everything changed drastically. Last thing she saw was her wounded husband and group of people, hurling her and a badly bruised teenager in to the ambulance, before fainting out.

Nothing could be done to save her from inevitable misfortune. And the thing that appeared more devastating to her husband, was her last wish. The teenager, whose bike had hit their vehicle, suffered liver malfunctioning as an iron rod lying on roadside, damaged his liver during accident.
When she learnt about the boy, she wished that her liver should be donated to him as she was already running out of time. Everybody disagreed to her decision but then she said, "What if that boy, dying in the absence of liver, would have been ours!!". The boy, whose childish act ruined a family, was able to survive because of the person whose death was the result of his act.

Sitting aside her bed, holding her hands, her husband was requesting her to not to speak, but she wasn't listening to him. She wanted to tell him about their baby, about how excited she was in morning by this news, how wishfully she was awaiting to see her husband's reaction but now everything seemed a distant dream. Even though her face was glowing with the deed she did, but her heart was still restless. And no sooner  she slowly drifted into unending darkness.
No matter what, she was still able to save a Life. Above all she saved life of someone who took her life away.

She didn’t gave a thought what the boy did. If she was to die this young, then who was she to defy God's decision. The boy might just have been a medium for this. But with organ transplant, if not whole of her, still a part of her will be alive even after she had departed.

Life is a continuous process of death and rebirth. But some deeds done in life never die and are just immortal forever.  

Thursday, 23 July 2015

Tempting Sentiments

In this odyssey of life we do often run into various feathers of people. With the passage of time mostly whom we meet, they retreat and fade away. But we give few specific ones especial place in our lives but not everyone of them turns out to be somebody who make us a better person but actually are just opposite.
We, being much in control of our sentiments often love others so much that we even forget that we love ourselves too. There's often a time, when life hits hard upon you; knock you down and a person lifts you out of that and loves you in a way that you think no other person can do: In return you provide him/her the liberty to receive your care and love forever.
But what if that person only invades your freedom, shatters your expectations and robs you out of your happiness?

We unknowingly let that other person to take control over our lives. We become so dependent that it appears we might not survive without them. We allow them to row our boat of life, without realizing that they only know whatever we have told them about us. They pretend to be a life saviour in the mighty sea but originally they themselves are the anchor that pull us deep down into sea from where there is no returning. They are certainly and undoubtedly no better than a parasite living on your body which feeds on you and of-course in no way beneficial.

In this life of emotional turmoil, we are frequently confused with our sentiments attached to a particular person. We, time and again, give them the liberty to influence our everyday life and be a part of it. While, they always feel they are being betrayed by us but the actuality is reverse. We try to neglect their tainted and painted reality because our sentiments attached to them don't allow us to do so and we simply end up being attached to them until they betray us a million times more and destroy us.

Its the way it is. Some people are needed to be left and that's a harsh fact of life. No doubt they are the once that might have lift you up through tough times but they are also the once that want to take away whatever you have earned later. You should learn to know how to direct your tempting sentiments; And in that way you move forward, leaving the trash in past, to know the people who are with you in a true way.

In life we never loose friends, we just learn who the true ones are!

Sunday, 19 July 2015

On the way..

In this awfully exciting life, no wonder, series of uncertain event often give nourishment to our hunger of life within our sometimes resentful lives. We do frequently look back into our long gone past with thirst of some memories of joy, glee, triumph, and love but mostly end with gloomy, miserable, desolate and rejected reminders. We, other-time, also foresee our upcoming days with a hope for untroubled fortunes and success disregarding the fact that we pitiful humans, are not even sure of waking up the next day.

I was sitting with my group of friends, observing the series of human establishments, green fertile land and people going past; through the window of the crackling active bus, while my trip to Amritsar. Travelling has always been something that had never missed any single chance of amusing and amazing me. Most people like one of my dear friend liked the window seat more while I preferred a companion with whom I can have a healthy talk. 
Discussing Ideas and experiences with each other make us live the life that isn't ours. Everybody has had seen days, months and years of majestic events of unpredictable mortal existence, So do us. We shared our happenings with the people, situations, and the voyage of life. During those indescribable small talk, I learnt about the right way of living life. 

Life is neither in the buried past nor we can sit hoping it in the later days. Both the facts are upsetting but its true. Life is something we create and not what we find. We need to invest ourselves in any moment to create life in it. Without losing anything first we can't gain anything. Its natures law of equivalence. You need to loose your worries and pain to acquire what God want us to receive. Smile a little more and think a little less. Let bygones be bygones and cherish what's in the present without bothering for future.

And amidst all the talks and all the thoughts, I didn't forget to admire and felt fascinated by the beauty of barren fields ranging to an unfathomable distances as the dusk fell, while still being in the crackling active bus.

Saturday, 17 January 2015

That Love!

She was there. Yes; he wasn't dreaming even though he didn't remember anything except her. She was there just to meet him. The sparkle in her charcoal black eyes itself told how much she was eager to meet him. The load of emotions and words which he was carrying from quite a while for her suddenly disappeared some where around with the first glimpse of her. Settling down huge turmoil of words as he moved forward, still not decided what to say first, he some how managed to utter just a simple "Hi!".

He heard something but it wasn't her voice.

It was just plain simple commotion of people moving around. Decomposing back to consciousness he notices that he had been in some wonderland. There was no her. It was all just a dream, a mere fantasy that he always wanted to have happen with him.
That love

Standing there at the nick of the street, he remembers how he always preferred her over every possible thing in his life. He rose everyday to make one more day count in her love. Her voice was the fuel for his day. The slightest peak of smile on her radiating face was what he always craved for. She was the deadliest pain and the ultimate cure herself, for him. He wishfully wanted to get endowed in her love if she allowed. 

It was just her poisonous hypnotizing look that made him perish a thousand time. He lived in a life of illusion where he always got burnt by the fire of her love and transformed into ashes. Every day he got soaked into rain of her memories. Her blushing adorable cheeks, as fresh as morning hue, make him even more fonder of her love. Those enchanting child like pair of eyes, how could he forget that raising of her eyebrow at every taunt on her. How could he forget these? How could anyone can forget all these?

Yet absolute truth was that she was not there and he had to accept that. He should now know that she wasn't meant for him. Life has decided different tracks for them to walk upon but he never wanted to accept that. He was still waiting, rather hopeless for her to come. Soon heavens too lost their control and broke down. Heavy downpour started. Even in his pure awareness he wasn't able to move but he turned around as people rammed against each other on that street to save themselves from getting wet. 

It was then when he noticed someone stood on the other side of road, totally soaked in water and with indefinite storm of emotions in her eyes. Before he could think she ran and hugged him tightly. He, even though shocked for the instance, was pleased to have her in his arms. Having him in her arms she whispered in her as usual low pitch tone, "I am sorry for coming late!" In response he said," I knew you will come. And I am happy that you have kept my faith alive." She looked into his eyes and smiled for his trust and hugged him even more tightly.

People on the other side, who were standing in shade trying to save themselves from rain weren't able to predict why the boy was talking to himself and pretending as if he was hugging somebody!!