A Forever Goodbye

As contrary to the popular belief, all unsaid goodbyes aren't heart wrenching. Some are quite thoughtful to kick-start a huge emotional turmoil deep inside you and spark a conversation with your inner being about unscathed feelings of anyone's exit from your encircle.

A husky breath gushed out of her mouth, and not a word when she was trying to say something to her husband , before laying lifeless on white cotton bed sheet in the Government hospital, after being hit by a fleeting bike, being rode by a teenager.

It was a bright Monday morning. The couple was on the way to their offices; unaware of what is going to strike them off their usual daily routine. She had decided to tell her husband that she was expecting a baby on their first marriage anniversary; a fortnight later and surprise him. But nobody can go against the will of time. She was imagining his vivid reaction on hearing this news when suddenly from nowhere a speeding bike hit their vehicle tossing her far away on the road. In splits of seconds everything changed drastically. Last thing she saw was her wounded husband and group of people, hurling her and a badly bruised teenager in to the ambulance, before fainting out.

Nothing could be done to save her from inevitable misfortune. And the thing that appeared more devastating to her husband, was her last wish. The teenager, whose bike had hit their vehicle, suffered liver malfunctioning as an iron rod lying on roadside, damaged his liver during accident.
When she learnt about the boy, she wished that her liver should be donated to him as she was already running out of time. Everybody disagreed to her decision but then she said, "What if that boy, dying in the absence of liver, would have been ours!!". The boy, whose childish act ruined a family, was able to survive because of the person whose death was the result of his act.

Sitting aside her bed, holding her hands, her husband was requesting her to not to speak, but she wasn't listening to him. She wanted to tell him about their baby, about how excited she was in morning by this news, how wishfully she was awaiting to see her husband's reaction but now everything seemed a distant dream. Even though her face was glowing with the deed she did, but her heart was still restless. And no sooner  she slowly drifted into unending darkness.
No matter what, she was still able to save a Life. Above all she saved life of someone who took her life away.

She didn’t gave a thought what the boy did. If she was to die this young, then who was she to defy God's decision. The boy might just have been a medium for this. But with organ transplant, if not whole of her, still a part of her will be alive even after she had departed.

Life is a continuous process of death and rebirth. But some deeds done in life never die and are just immortal forever.  

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