As we sleep

With the embark of dawn, life all over, discharges to take rest after the tiresome day. Unlike all other forms of life, we homo-sapiens don't settle so easily. With the darkness gaining strength, our mind starts to wander back and forth, as we become more of an observer of our lives. Resigning from what we are today, we try to settle down at some point in the past, a place somewhere back in our mind still properly preserved as it was years back. We count every thing, still there is a degree of incompleteness even after compiling every single bit of memory. This often leave us shattered and we fail to accept certain aspects about past, people and relations.

Acceptance is the sole way to live. Things happen.
Life evolves and we move on. Nobody is going to stop for anyone. No matter how closely related a person is to any relation or a situation. Its something we need to embrace. People often desire to be remembered and to be missed; but what they fail to realize is that nothing is constant. Not even feelings.
When we loose somebody closely related to us, we feel shattered and broken, the heartfelt grief is simply inexpressible and life seems to abandons all its hope for that particular instant as everything gives the expression to end and henceforth become meaningless to carry on.
But ironically, everyone of us do survive the storm; come out stronger and even better than before, realizing realities, never before realized and becoming more impregnable. There comes a state when we try to look back into past, revisiting moments, scrutinizing every misfortune event and analyzing the disaster we had once gone through, and try to force our self to re-live that time, and scream and sob and shriek as if one's heart out but to our surprise, our eyes which once had cried in abundance for days seem to have ran out of any more tears. We find ourselves strayed away from affection and fondness which we once had and feel forlorn. The more we try to rekindle the dying emotions, the more we are drifted away from what we once were.

These captivating emotional outbreaks renders us with nothing but a sound sleep. 
Next morning, with the dusk as life gains consciousness, we too wake up as if nothing had happened, we again indulge in our daily chores and live again. 

There might be thousands of mantras for living life; but ultimately accepting things and looking forward for better days: is what we need to follow. Remember, if today was the worst day of your life then be glad knowing that tomorrow will be better.

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