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A Half Love Story!!

Each and every one of us has felt that.Mostly like in movies and in novels, but not all love stories have happy endings, some have even better ending.Such was mine.
It was never a coincidence.Each and every thing was beautifully planned by him (..of course the almighty God!!).
From the first eye clash to the first hello..
from her first smile to the infinite talks..
from her first bye to the timeless waiting..
each and every moments are engraved somewhere in my heart, deep down the bloodstream at some corner unknown.
Like all teenagers, I was rather most confused about infatuation and love,among all.(..I think so..!!)

It all started with a new session of my school and a new turn in my life.A skip in my heartbeat in those initial days after seeing her every morning in class,was something which I never felt before.She wasn't much different than other girls but there was something that was special, a soft spark, a new freshness and a deadly look(..a heart killer look..!!)After few e…

The Greatest truth!!

Night sky is one of the most amazing thing to be observed during night time.I was very fond of watching and feeling the presence of stars and the moon.But, because of work load in my final year of school, it was not possible for me to find much time for other activities, still I used to take a walk in the park near my place of stay to be touch with night sky.There a couple.. who seemed to be married for quite a long period of time and were in their last stage of life..( it appeared to me!!).. also used to take night walk in that park in which I used to go.I felt very good seeing them together taking a walk and continuing to support each other in that old age.Watching them together taking a walk had become a part of my daily routine.I always tried to walk near them so that I can hear what they are discussing about..(.. i was just keen to hear them.. nothing else..Mind it!!).. They always used to talk about their daily routine ,diseases ,and family matters.
But ,one evening they we…

A Missing Moment!

To be precise it was around 4:30 am when I was there in the football ground standing right under the light, not from any halogen bulb rather in starlight.
Starlight? just wait a second; let me think.. yes! It was a perfect new moon night. Delicious aroma from the hot cup of tea from the departmental store of my hostel and the freshness of the morning hue made me to think of a past incident when I was in my pre-teens.

Everyone of us has at least once in their lifetime, slept in moonlit or starlit night. Have you ever thought of reaching to those glittering little object just over your head in the sky? or to have a closer glimpse of these figures? Hopefully your answer would have been a Yes! I, belonging to your generation, thought exactly what I specified. But this was not all, that I imagined of! While under these intangible objects, I had had warmth of my Father's company which I imagined to have for the time immaterial.We use to lay at our terrace on mattress and talk for long …