A Half Love Story!!

Each and every one of us has felt that.Mostly like in movies and in novels, but not all love stories have happy endings, some have even better ending.Such was mine.
It was never a coincidence.Each and every thing was beautifully planned by him (..of course the almighty God!!).
From the first eye clash to the first hello..
from her first smile to the infinite talks..
from her first bye to the timeless waiting..
each and every moments are engraved somewhere in my heart, deep down the bloodstream at some corner unknown.
Like all teenagers, I was rather most confused about infatuation and love,among all.(..I think so..!!)

It all started with a new session of my school and a new turn in my life.A skip in my heartbeat in those initial days after seeing her every morning in class,was something which I never felt before.She wasn't much different than other girls but there was something that was special, a soft spark, a new freshness and a deadly look(..a heart killer look..!!)After few eye clashes and with a help of a common friend(..luckily..!!..) the friendship kicked in between us.Soon we became very good friends. I always loved to spent time with her and talk to her.Everyday, I used to run an extra mile on bicycle while following her and then riding back to the strength of my last breath, to reach home on time and avoid my mom's scolding.I, rather an average student before meeting her, soon became one of the studious student so as to improve my impression in front of her.(..and it worked also!!..).Those days mobiles were not that handy but landlines were an easy option.A regular chat over phone for hours deepened the roots of the budding relationship and life became an easy opinion.
Nevertheless, nothing is life long neither was my infatuation(..which I recognized later..!!).With the completion of 10th boards,we left for further studies to different places and in no time the call frequency reduced to zero.. and from "something more than friends" it came to "just friends".I made my mind to ignore her but it wasn't that easy as it appears,thereafter when I failed to forget her then I did which I otherwise wouldn't have done.I proposed her on the New Year eve .. but as expected, i didn't got a "blunt no" instead a confusing voice.. and those three meaningful magical words became meaningless for me and I was left with nothing except a lone heart.
A year later,on the new year itself ,I again proposed and she again denied but this time I was a different guy, a more mature, enough to give a person a chance to improve his mistake but not that dumb to give further any part of my lifetime.. and I moved on with whatever I was left!
Today, I am still single but mature enough to differentiate between love and infatuation,in search for a better future.

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