That Love!

She was there. Yes..! No doubt it was her. Neither he wasn't dreaming nor it was an illusion. Everything that he could see was *her*. Finally she was there just to meet him. The sparkle in her piercing eyes itself told how much she was eager to meet him. The weight of emotions and indescribable words, which he was carrying from quite a while for her, suddenly vanished with the first sight of her. Calming down huge turmoil of words and getting anxious for not able to decide what to say to her, he moved forward and leaned a bit and said ,'Hi.'

In response, he heard something, something he wasn't expecting.

It was the noise honking vehicles and commuting people. Decomposing back to consciousness, he notices that he had been carried away from reality. There was no her. It was all just a dream, a mere fantasy that he always wanted to have happen with him.
That love

Standing there all alone, at the nick of the street, he remembers how he had always preferred her over every possible thing in his life. Every morning he woke up to make one more day count in her love. Her voice was the fuel for his day. The slightest hint of delighted on her radiating face, was what he always craved for. She was his harrowing pain and the ultimate cure. He always hoped to get endowed in her love if she allowed. 

It was just her poisonous hypnotizing gaze that made him perish a thousand time. He lived in a life of illusions where he always got burnt by the fire of her love and transformed into ashes. Everyday he got soaked into rain of her memories. Her blushing adorable cheeks as fresh as morning hue, made him even more fonder of her. Those enchanting child like pair of eyes, and how could he or any mortal forget that raising of her eyebrow at every taunt on her. How could he forget these.. how? How could anyone can forget all these?

But, she was not there right then and he had to accept that. He should now believe that she wasn't meant for him. Life has decided different tracks for them to walk upon, something he never wanted to admit. He was still waiting, rather hopeless for her to come. And soon heavens too lost their control and broke down like the skies had some rage on earth. Heavy downpour started. Even in his pure awareness he wasn't able to move but still he turned around as people rammed against each other on that street to find a hide. 

It was then when he noticed someone stood on the other side of road, totally soaked in water and with indefinite storm of emotions in eyes. Before he could think she ran and hugged him tightly. He, even though shocked for an instance, was pleased to finally have her in his arms. Feeling warmth of his body in her arms, she whispered in her as usual low pitch tone, "I am sorry for coming late!" In response he said," I knew you will come. And I am happy that you didn't let me down." She looked into his eyes and smiled for his trust and hugged him even more tightly.

People on the other side, who were standing in shade trying to save themselves from rain weren't able to predict why the boy was talking to himself and pretending as if he was hugging somebody!!


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