A Missing Moment!

To be precise it was around 4:30 am when I was there in the football ground standing right under the light, not from any halogen bulb rather in starlight.
Starlight? just wait a second; let me think.. yes! It was a perfect new moon night. Delicious aroma from the hot cup of tea from the departmental store of my hostel and the freshness of the morning hue made me to think of a past incident when I was in my pre-teens.

Everyone of us has at least once in their lifetime, slept in moonlit or starlit night. Have you ever thought of reaching to those glittering little object just over your head in the sky? or to have a closer glimpse of these figures? Hopefully your answer would have been a Yes! I, belonging to your generation, thought exactly what I specified. But this was not all, that I imagined of! While under these intangible objects, I had had warmth of my Father's company which I imagined to have for the time immaterial.We use to lay at our terrace on mattress and talk for long time, sometimes because it was quite pleasing, but most of the time forced by the poor electricity supply in my area. I used to talk with him about the stars, the moon, also the moving lights i.e. Aeroplanes and other curiosity topics. He used to answer to most of my questions as per his knowledge and also told me about the people of the world, and the hardships he faced in his life, his experiences and other irrelevant things which were out of my field of interest, as I was mere a kid. I thought to be with him always. But with the flow of time every possible happiness that once brought smile in those nights, are making my eyes wet today.

Being the oldest son in my family I had responsibilities to shoulder and to hold on their expectations I had to move out from the shadow of my parents to tackle the world. Today, these starlight gave me a reminder of those memorable night I had spent with my father and the priceless sacrifices made by him, to make me able to fulfil all my dreams.  

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