Her First Flight

Yes I knew that's not gonna happen yet I was standing there in the oblivion, waiting for her. Deep in my heart I can never believe that we weren't meant to be together still I was expecting her to come back. My childish moist eyes were not accepting the obvious fact. Even though it just had been just a couple of week but it appeared as if I have been with her for ages. From nowhere she came, ignited my child consciousness and left me burning in agony.

Her First Flight
On a very bright day, some eight summers back, I remember I came across a sweet little nest of some bird on my terrace. The curious me, in no moment noticed the purple egg in that golden color nest properly hidden behind a wedge. I used to observe the mother bird taking care of her egg. Few days later when I went back to the nest there was no egg, instead there was sweet bluish green baby bird. That little bird, was such an awful thing to me. It was really an adventurous feeling to see such a little life, for a twelve year old kid. I used to visit that nest in order to keep an eye on whatever the little bird was doing and also do place some water and rice, as I was not knowing what exactly that bird eat. I don't remember at what speed those days passed as when next time I went to see her, she was trying to fly out and I do got thrilled by her efforts. One day as-usual, I went to see her only to find her missing. My heart sank. I thought that she would probably have left but the much familiar chirping sound from the corner terrace made me jolly glad. The bird might have fell down while trying to fly.

I was under expression that she won't be staying for long when one day I saw her at the corner edge of my terrace. I felt what was going to happen. But I never wanted that, I never wanted her to jump, jump into the cruel world but that wasn't in her nature. I couldn't withstand her decision to dwell herself in the nature but who was I to control her, a helpless infatuated amateur teen. She jumped from the top, aiming the bright sky, for HER FIRST FLIGHT but unfortunately under effect of gravity, she headed directly towards the ground. My little eyes almost cried and was unable to look down to see the expected end. I knew it was all over but certainly I looked down and to my utter disbelief my little bird was still alive, breathing while her soft silky greenish feathers supported her in flying, helping her to fly higher and higher all above the bad world into a free space leaving me only with her memories. I was happy and gloomy for her at the same time as she was leaving and will be living her life on own. I knew this was end. She took a path of no return. It was her life and her nature was to rise high all above and be free while I was still tied to some invisible chains only to see her going higher and higher, and hoped for a new life to her.
I do visited her nest to see if she might have return but there was no comeback ever.
Years have passed to this incident but inside me those chirping of that little bird are still alive and fresh as before! 

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