Re-Discovering Happiness!

Are you happy with your present life in the modern world?
if yes..
then give it a second thought.

We all of us have had a moment of stillness in our lives. Sitting in the balcony or on the side space of window and feeling soft breeze on our skin with a mug of coffee and a biscuit, and nothing to worry about. All task done, room cleaned, cooked food, completed assignments etc etc etc. Completely no tension. Certainly life can not be better than this.

But thereafter also, with the first sip of the coffee, we feel something is missing, something is not going the way it should go in our lives. We have the every possible reason to be happy; a good life, a job, a good college and a happy family, still we feel there is some void in our mind waiting to be filled but we are unable to configure what is lacking in our happy relaxed life.
We are living in the so called 21st century, the modern era, the age of science. In-spite of all the modern gadgets, machines and resources why are we still unable to find that missing peace in our mind? why our parents and grand parents were much more happier and relaxed even though they didn't belong to the modern age?
The reason solely lies with in us and around us. We, in modern times, equate happiness with the amount of money, possessions and the bank balance we have, but these all materialistic things never gave us as much joy as having tea or coffee at some road side shop, or while having some local food item from some road end vendor, with our group of best friends. Our elders were happy because they enjoyed their every moment with a breathing being and not with any dead possession or bank balance. Happiness is not a thing to be possessed,  its a feeling to be felt, from each and every single moment. We always find our self smiling while talking useless to a distant friend, we feel relaxed when we keep our head on our mother's lap while she gives us a head massage, we find security while being with father no matter where we are, we laugh out the loudest while being with our group of best friends, we find care when we are with our grand parents and their never ending super interesting stories, and we only discover love with our lover while walking down a long lonely path.
With these people only, we feel really completed. Its just because they are the one who are the need of our hungry soul and our lonely heart. They are the one with the magic to complete our incompleteness and fill our deep void. Being with them is the real happiness and not being with all worldly materials. True happiness lies with in us and in the people around us, and not in our possessions and money we have.

Hope, you will re-discover your happiness too!

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