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A Regretful Soul!

There I was lying cold and motionless. I couldn't sense or feel anything. I could see blood stained bed-sheet on which I was resting, as I was never to rise up again. There were people; whom once I used to love, crying and yelling in pain of loosing there beloved, but I had no emotions for them right there. I was nostalgic and weightless as I moved to the corner of that room, right next to the window which was looking down at the street; leaving my dead lifeless body behind.

Sixty two years of age was much more than I expected. With all duties done, children having settled, and after dreading five years of loneliness since my wife's departure, finally I was done too. Even though I was a good son, a loyal husband and a loving father yet I wasn't calm inside after leaving my body. My hard outer being was fully eroded from inside leaving guilt and thirst of undone works.

I was a dedicated man. A man of visions with a hunger for the best. I was into the mad race for the world…