Growing Up !

Here I am , soon leaving behind my teen age group to add one more to the adult beings. Many of us already are a part of this group , some would be joining with me and others in some short period of time. But the fact is, that every growing being is going be a part of this age group sooner or later. The time slipped away at a much pace than I expected. I never thought it would be this much painful to be called an adult but yes it is. In my , childhood days I wondered how great it would feel to be an adult where no one is monitoring  your movement , where you are the in-charge of your life: the captain of your ship. But , today nothing is  happening as I used to fantasize about.
Today , after breathing nineteen springs , I am only left with some crooked past , multiple falls , some heart breaks , few longing friendships , many separations and a heavy heart with a burdened soul. I am not a pessimistic but all I seeked for , was absorbed from me to some lone place where I could never get. There were moments of achievements also , but they fell short enough to overcome this mental trauma.
Remembering into the past days , a blurred image of a boy appears ,who was as free as wind and did whatever he liked to. He was physically under control but mentally untamed. He found every little happiness in his mother's lap and security by his father. Playing had been his favorite hobby as he had no distraction other than finding a good place to play with his friends. All he did was enjoying and relaxing all the time , as he believed that his parents are always there for him. And yes they were , but there strength and body were not. They, who were observing a careless boy becoming a young man , were ignoring that they too were getting old. The small boy who otherwise , would have even conquered the world , was going under mighty changes.He realized the truth and what his ignorance in the past has cost him in the present.

The boy who wished to become an adult as early possible , now , when is just few steps away , is trying to go back into the time and cancel that wish. He who wished to be free and alone , now wants to get his mother's company . He who wished to be free from any kind of monitoring , wants to be under the eyes of his father . He who wished to eat at restaurants , is missing the food cooked by his mother. He who wished to become an adult , is now missing his childhood. He who wished to live is ceased to "exist" . Growing up is exciting. But , in a haste of growing , ignoring various little happiness coming in our way , can become a life long curse.
'Time once spent is gone forever'. Consider its importance seriously. Live each and every moment with joy . We are lucky enough to have this life then why to waste precious time in weeping .
We should try to be happy as we all took birth and we all are in a journey , together , some a little forward and some a bit behind , but something is common , we all are changing , we are growing.. we all are "growing up"!! 

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