City-lights and the Moon!

Past week wedding ceremonies were at brim. At every place I was able to hear cheerfulness and the festive mood of the respective families. Recently I too paid a visit to one such family wedding ceremony. To we teens, weddings just mean some super delicious varied variety Food and a refreshing atmosphere, a way too different from our over pressured college or school life. It was all fun till the belly was empty but no sooner after eating enough, I needed to sneak out of that place, much over crowded with my family members. Finally, I was successful. Finding a way to top floor of that premises, I stepped up as fast as I could, before any pair of eye could notice me. In tens of second, I was at the highest point in that area. I looked 60 feet below to take a glance at the colourful lights coming from the lawn but at the same moment I found myself inclined to light coming from thousands of kilometre away, ie from The moon.
I was just standing at cliff, wondering and comparing city-lights and the moon, one is so man-made and other so Godly created, one is so eye catching and other so mind relieving. While still in my thoughts, in that human less terrace, I felt something passing by my back, something unusual, something unnatural. I guessed that it might have been some odd wind and before I could convince myself whatever I said, I felt some touch. A shock went through out my body. A perfect pair of palm were kept on my thighs. For a moment I went cold blooded . I couldn't dare to look down as at that lonely place I believed myself to be all alone there but this.. it was so awful. Gathering all courage I managed to look down. A pair of charcoal black dark eyes were so keenly watching me and I sighed. It was my little brother. The eight year old little devil , for a moment soaked all life from me.

Noticing me staring in the night sky he keenly asked," What are you watching at? "
Instead of answering directly I rather questioned him, "Which light is better? " while pointing city-lights and The moon one after another.
To my utter disbelief he instantly said," Its from The moon ." 
I didn't expected this straight answer. I thought, what a simple white light could do to a child to make itself better than city lights, to be able to compete colourful bright varied intensity light bulb of cities. 
Giving my reasons I asked him," But why moon light if city-lights look so beautiful and attractive ?" 
He innocently , unaware of physics said," Because it came from God! "
I was magically fascinated by his unimaginable short yet so true reply.
Truely, As we grow up our mind instead of growing , shrinks. We come more into reality. We become more reasonable. We study science. We question and we need proof. We make our life so complex that sometimes we feel sick of it and question ourselves for the things happening to us. We move so much away from God that at a point in our life, we feel all alone and sad in-spite of that best company.
As a child our life was so simple. We believed in God. Every little good thing come from him. Whatever we could not explain was a gift of God. We never argued , just asked and believed. My brother exactly didn't knew why he liked moon light instead of its unattractive nature yet he find it so soothing to over shadow the so lovely city-lights.
As we grow up, we start to care more for made up and attractive things. The real Natural beauties get lost midst them. No doubt both are important to us. Both fill colour in our lives. Its up to us to prioritize city-lights or The moon.

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