From the past!

Reshuffling back to some previous memories.. 
We all have those lovely moments somewhere engraved in the darkest corner of our mind. Our childhood Days , were seriously something incomparable to any happiness. Giving a little hush to our mind , we automatically transfer from some lone silent present with tensed mind worrying about millions of useless things to some extremely energetic time where play was our only need and being cheerful was our only work. Those wonderful moments of us in past, are today, giving smile to our lips and moistness to our eyes. I wonder how the things change, how our priorities shift with in seconds, how fast time swept away, and how we grow up and how early we are left helpless, hopeless, fighting our present for our future. 

When we were kids we were so eager to grow up. We envied our elders having so much freedom. We too wished freedom, wanted to do whatever we wish, wanted to get freed from some company everywhere, wished to be all alone self reliant and free. 
Surprisingly , we were never wrong. We got what we wished just how we got.. was a bit different than expected!
We wanted freedom. Our wish was done but with that we were also given worries, anxieties, problems, misfortunes, hatred, sleep less nights, heartbreaks, fights, mental torture and a lot many complimentary surprises.  So, today after dreading nearly 20 years for true freedom, we finally have it but now our chained legs can't move. We wanted to do whatever we want. So today we can but our hopeless tired mind doesn't want. We always wished to be adults, today we are but now we don't want to be. 
That's human nature to have expectations and get betrayed sooner or later. We had wishes and dreams but then we saw only one side of the coin. The reality of life was much different.
Today we realise that we never knew what real happiness actually was. It was much above freedom and free will. It was not about success and money we achieve. Rather it was more related to ourself than our need. It is all about satisfaction. It is all about mental relieve. It is all about inner calmness.
Life is itself a turning point. Take a twist , take a turn. Be satisfied with what you have. Smile for the beautiful childhood you had and motivate yourself for upcoming future!

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